The key to Successful Evangelism


The power of the Gospel is given to us and it is our responsibility to heed it.

The key to successful evangelism is the same as in advertising a product in the secular world; you have to “show and tell” others. We as Christians are the product demonstrates of our LORD. We do this by words and by our actions of our Christian character and fruitful and faithful living.

The definitive reason for us to proclaim the Gospel is so that God’s elect in a wicked world may see faith demonstrated and explained, to see the work of the Holy Spirit in salvation, and to have eternal life.

Be the difference, so others can see our Living Lord in the mirror of yourself who reflects Him! To reflect Him, we have to act, think, and be as He has called us (John 5:24; 2 Cor. 5:20; Heb. 9:27).