Be Good to your Volunteers!

As leaders in the church for the most part we are leading volunteers. Volunteers are there out of a wiliness to serve and are not there for compensation. Thus they have different attitudes and expectations from professional staff that we must be aware of. Volunteers may also have a stronger sense of ownership to their church, and may see it as ‘my church’ and not our church. So we are to walk a path that is difficult, but not impossible. Just like managing professionals, leadership takes commitment to stay the course in a consistent course in the mist of frustration and conflict. Staying a constant course with the characteristics we will discuss is paramount. Because if we deter the ship away from the storm the waves will buffet on our sides where we are not protected or able to withstand, we will then capsize.

A ship must go into the waves head on, to be able to go through them safely. True leadership is the ability to keep the helm steady.

Most people can manage when things go well, this is not success, it is how we are with people and crises when the seas are tossed. Strong characters that are poured out to the Lord are essential. This will be the ability to move people from distrust and frustration in to a godly centered path. We are to move people past conflicts past the storm and into the waters, into the place that the church is for.