Churches that are healthy are filled with people who live in the Fruit of the Spirit.

Unhealthy churches tend to have its people self-focused and who only want to be heard; they either do not want to listen to others or have a conceited attitude or see those who are mature as threats.

Churches that are healthy are centered around and led by biblical principles and solid doctrine.

Unhealthy churches tend to be led from an attitude of church sociological trends and pragmatism that ignores classic Christian theology.

· Churches that are healthy have pastors and leaders who are equipping others to serve, doing so with care and kindness; they see their people as participants in the ministry of the church.

· Unhealthy churches tend to see their people as consumers, not participants.


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IMPACT Student Conference May 2, 2015

DIVERGENT- Not Conformed! IMPACT Student Conference

cmta divergSaturday, May 2, 2015

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Churches that are healthy are making disciples for the transformation of the whole person, both faith and personal life.

Unhealthy churches tend not to be interested in making disciples and thus its people experience little or no renovation of faith in their church or personal life.

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Churches that are healthy have a sense of allowing God to work in and through their people to build a healthy, loving community.

Unhealthy churches tend to coerce and manipulate or micromanage their people, which does not build a healthy community.

· Churches that are healthy allow its people to know and exercise their spiritual gifts, and the strongest churches mentor their people further in them.

· Unhealthy churches tend to ignore its people’s gifting and talents.

· Churches that are healthy are pursuing the purpose for which God has created and called them to.

· Unhealthy churches tend to pursue the purpose the leaders want, personal agendas that are usually contrary to God’s will and precepts or are unrealistic or ineffective.